Acura Nanomedicine Inc. funded in July 2017. The scientific team of Acura Nanomed. is consist of Ph.Ds & Masters with multi-discipline backgrounds of biotech., medical science, chemical engineering, & nanotechnology. By integrating & applying multiple technologies, we have successfully developed the anti-cancer drug_AN-845, which can reverse the drug-resistant ability of cancer, and can completely block the growth of drug-resistant pancreatic cancer in vitro & in vivo. AN-845 also shows great potential to treat different types of drug-insensitive cancers, e.g. brain cancer(Glioblastoma  Multiforme, GBM), liver cancer(Hepatocellular Carcinoma, HCC), breast cancer(Triple Negative Breast Cancer, TNBC),…etc.

Anti-cancer drug AN-845:
Acura Nanomedicine used the exclusive anti-cancer drug screening platform to obtain successfully a new anti-cancer drug AN-845 which is composed of generic drugs. This repurposing drug can reverse cancer resistance. AN-845 has ability to inhibit the proliferation of various cancer cells effectively including pancreatic cancer, brain cancer (glioblastoma multiforme), liver cancer, etc. It has been vailed completely to inhibit tumor growth of drug-resistant pancreatic cancer in animal experiments.

Cancer Nanometer Target Drug Technology Platform:
Acura Nanomedicine Inc. has the advanced platform technology to fabricate high-efficiency tumor targeting nano-drug. To compare with the nanocarriers by traditional manufacturing process, our nanocarrier not only can extremely enhance the efficacy and reduce systemic side effects but also the drug transport capacity is improved up to 80-100 times. In the future, it can be combined with immunotherapy to enhance the efficacy.