Cancer Nanometer Target Drug Technology Platform

Acura Nanomedicine Inc. has the advanced platform technology to fabricate high-efficiency tumor targeting nano-drug. This is a rapid, econamic and stable fabrication method of nano drug carrier. The uquie one-pot process can reduce the fabrication time from several days (traditional nano-drug carrier process) to 25 minutes. Mixing and stirring steps are merely required without the investment of expensive equipment. The special structure on the nano-carrier allows nanomedicine to have high affinity for the target of calibration (cancer cells, tumor tissues, etc.), which can quickly and accurately transport a large amount of drugs to cancer cells in a short time. To compare with the nanocarriers by traditional manufacturing process, our nanocarrier not only can extremely enhance the efficacy and reduce systemic side effects but also the drug transport capacity is improved up to 80-100 times. In the future, it can be combined with immunotherapy to enhance the efficacy.